Family Fun Day


I have a question concerning a family action cricket fun day that was open for all

The Arena has 3 courts shaped in a L, 2 courts in the back of the arena and 1 In the front. We then got all the men and kids over 13 to the courts at the back of the arena put the names in the hat and randomly chose teams and played.The women, girls and kids were in the front court which we elected 2 women (my wife and school teacher) to sort out so that we as men had no involvement with the ladies and kids.We also had a jumping castle and a flea market outside the arena for the people. Some of them are realy struggling and look forward to occasions like this to get some income.The men was constantly playing in the court and the women and kid did there own thing.

The intention of this initiative was

– To have family bonding time with our kids which we hardly do.

– To bring the Muslim men together as they are always quarreling over petty things that’s the reason for the drawing from the hat.

– To try and entertain the youngsters of today keep them occupied and off the streets and away from wrong (drugs, adultery, pornications. Etc….

– To build the unity amongst the Muslim women who are also quirelling amongst themselves which in turn are causing the men to ague.

And for the kids it was just fun fun fun as they were very tired 

My question is

Is it permissible for this to happen or was it totally wrong in what we did according to Islam?And if wrong what is the right way to do it as I see alot of moulanas supporting the fates for example the sultan bahoo fete, souk, Hartley fete and many many more Please advise as I am highly confused as we would like to continue to do this more often for the community .We had achieved this in this  family fun day the men who were fighting are now talking.Parent came to me saying that they never spent so much time with there children like what they did on Sunday.


Regardless of the seeming ‘benefits’ in an activity, the activity has to compulsorily be scaled on the Standard of the Shariah. If the Shariah allows the activity then only will the ‘benefits’ be considered. If, however, the activity involves haraam acts then the objective of the whole exercise is rejected. The Shariah does not permit the commission of haraam, regardless of the objective being ‘noble’.

Understand well that an action which militates against the Teachings of the Qur’aan and Sunnah can never foster Islamic brotherhood, unity, mutual affection and the lofty goals of the Moral Code of Islam.

The activities you mentioned in the family gathering were decidedly un-Islamic and haraam. Gay-abandon of hijaab was perpetrated. Emulation of the kuffaar in their nafsaani games was perpetrated.

Muslims must understand that their prosperity, unity and force as an Ummah lies exclusively in emulation of the Noble Tareeqah of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and his illustrious Sahaabah. Our first allegiance and prior duty are with Islam – the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Molvies who participate and promote gatherings of intermingling and merry-making are lost souls not knowing whither they are floundering. They have betrayed the Sacred Knowledge of Wahi which was imparted to them by their Asaatizah. They have rebelled against the Deen.

The solution for all the ills and vices you mentioned is not in fun and games. It is inextricably interwoven in the Fabric of Islam. Those who don this Divine Fabric know what Hayaatan Tayyibah – a wonderful life – is, which Allah Ta’ala promises His devout servants in this life.