Often we hear some people complaining about the boring the Jum’ah Bayaan was and how we need inspiring speakers who are politically “tuned in” and who can inspire the Ummah to reach the moon etc. Below is an article which clarifies the role of the Ulama.)  Maulana Murtaza Hasan (R.A) enjoyed great popularity in the sub-indian continent. He was great aalim and dynamite orator. He was once invited for a lecture in Shimla. A huge crowd gathered to listen to him. Among others, many university students attended.  

Maulana spoke for about half an hour highlighting the importance of salaah, fasting etc. After the lecture, some students approached him and said: ”Hazrat, we didn’t really benefit from your talk.”  ”Why?” asked the Maulana. The spokesman said: ”Hazrat, the topic you chose was not modern. It’s an old one … you know … salaah, fasting, zakaah etc. It’s outdated … obsolete … old fashioned. We’ve been hearing this for years! We thought we would hear something  extraordinary.

What disappointment!! ”Maulana: ”I hear what you are saying. It’s my fault. I admit it. What you are saying is that the topic of salaah, fasting, zakaah etc. is old fashioned; I should have a modern day approach to speaking. You want something new! Is that it?”   Another student: ”Yes, yes. Times have changed. There is no merit in antiquated topics like salaah etc. Speak on a topic that’s consistent with modern times so we can learn something new.”  Maulana: ”Good. Insha-Allah, tomorrow evening I will speak on a more modern topic. ”  Elated, the students officially announced the next day’s program. They did not forget to mention that Maulana will speak on contemporary issues. 

The next day the hall was packed to capacity. Hordes of people showed up to listen to a modern style lecture. There was hardly place for people to stand.

Maulana started his lecture as usual. In his introduction he said that the public did not enjoy yesterday’s lecture, the students in particular, found it boring because it revolved around traditional topics, like salaah, zakaah etc. These are 1400-years-old topics and there should be a modern approach to lecturing so that students could benefit. ”Therefore,” said Maulana ”I will speak to you in a modern style today.”   After this  Maulana said: ”O people, wheat, barley, corn, chickpeas, and beans are food that are old fashioned; they should be abandoned and instead you should bring rocks from the mountains, grind them into flour then use it for baking bread. Rice is outdated; you’ve been eating it for thousands of years! For your khichree cook small pebbles. Times have changed. For thousands of years women have been making kebabs with mince and spices; this is very old fashioned. Use horse manure instead. Just fry them in oil before eating.   In this modern age we should modify our walking too. For hundreds of centuries man has been walking on his feet. Lets lift our feet and walk on our hands instead. Times have changed after all. Our women have been bearing kids for thousands of years. The times have changed! In this twenty-first-century men should bear the kids, instead of women.”    

Just then a voice was heard in the crowd: ”Hazrat, we have erred! forgive us!”    Paying no attention to the voice, Mau-lana continued: ”The earth, the heavens, the sun, the moon are all in existence for thousands of years. Why are you content with such antiquated things? Times have changed. These are modern days! You should create a new earth, new sky, new sun and new moon!   What about wheat, barley, corn, chickpeas, beans? What about the atmosphere, the sky and the earth? What about Allah, His Rasool, Quraan and Islaam? These have become antiquated?! Since times have changed, replace them too?!!”

By the time the audience had had enough. They realised their folly, their idiocy. When Maulana felt he had fully driven the message home, he changed his tone to a friendlier one and said: “O people! remember we (The Ulama) will always speak the truth (haqq) under all conditions. This is the decree of Allah and His Rasool (salallahu-Alaihi-wasallam). How can we withhold or hide Allah’s commands because times have changed…? Doesn’t Allah’s curse descend on him who resorts to lies? Everything about Islam is good. It will remain new, fresh and modern for all times to come. Yes, till the last day. How can anyone alter the dictates and decrees of Islam just because times have changed? The laws in themselves are flawless. If there are any flaws, then it’s in our reasoning! A man with jaundice sees everything as yellow. The doctor treats the patient, not the things that appear yellow.”

There was no need for Maulana to say anything further. Many students broke out in a cold sweat. Wiping their faces, they came forward and begged: ”Hazrat, its enough! We don’t want to hear this new mode of lecture any longer! It’s our fault. Forgive us! We prefer the old style… about salaah, zakaah, fasting and the like. Please talk to us about Allah, His Rasool (salallahu-Alaihi-wasallam) and Islam again!                       

(Indeed the power that lies in the Bayaan that resembles the Words of the Qur’aan and Hadith can never be found in any other speech)