Reconciling in Iddat

I am in iddah for my 1st talaaq. Is it okay to make du’aa to reconcile while I am in iddah? I have put my faith and trust in Allah, and Allah knows what’s in my heart and that, Insha – Allah, I want to reconcile my marriage.

Am I allowed to make sincere du’aa to Allah to help guide us back to each other, for our sake and our child? And are there du’aas to read?


You are permitted and in fact encouraged in the Shariah to resort to means of reconciliation with your husband during your iddat of one talaaq. A woman in the state of iddat occasioned by a talaaq-e-raj’i is urged to adorn herself and arouse her husband to have intimate contact with her which will constitute raj‘at or retaking of the wife.

Du’aa is obviously the first and foremost recourse the Mu-min and Mu-minah should turn to. Speak to Allah Ta’ala and plead with Him for an opening. Du’aa at the time of Fardh Salaahs and especially at the time of Tahajjud are very efficacious.

We advise you to study the kitaab, The Pious Woman. It is available from Enquire about postage and delivery directly from them. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you.