Terms for Break Up of Marriage

Terms for Break-up of Marriage

Things have not being going well for me and my husband for the past year. He has been neglecting me emotionally; not praying Salaat or fasting; and I have been neglecting him sexually as he would not speak or have a meal or even go to functions with me. He has now decided he wants to divorce me but on the following terms: he gives me talaaq now and will stay with me in the same house until June when he has paid his debt off or he stays with me till June and will be seeing other women. Please help!


We advise you to study the book, The Pious Wife which is available from the following publishers:  assaadiqeen@gmail.com. Send them an email requesting delivery of the book. The book contains valuable advice on such marital breakdowns and impasse between husband and wife which the scope of this email cannot encompass.

If, however, you are desperate to opt out of this marriage, then accept his condition of wanting to stay in the house. The house, we presume, belongs to him. Since it is the marital home, you have to pass your Iddat there. It is not permissible to leave the marital home during the Iddat.

We have understood by your statement: “stay with me”, that he will continue living in the marital home, but of course, separately, having absolutely no contact with you, not even saying ‘Assalamu Alaikum’. It is haraam to have contact with you after he has given you Talaaq Baa-in. When he issues Talaaq, tell him to say: ‘I give you one Talaaq Baa-in’. Only saying, ‘Talaaq’, gives him the option of raj’at or taking you back in your iddat.

If there is the fear of him interfering with you after he has issued Talaaq, then you should move out of the home, and spend your Iddat elsewhere.

May Allah Ta’ala grant you spiritual strength and ease in your problems.