Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan 6-10

6. Shaitaan’s ustaad was his nafs. He was puffed up with hubb-e-jaah (love for fame). He did not reform his character.

7. Superficial knowledge is not sufficient. Investigative and in-depth Ilm is necessary.

8. If we satisfy ourselves with shallow Ilm, our enemies will easily mislead us.

9. A thousand acts of kashf and a thousand acts of karaamaat (mystical visions and miracles) are nothing in comparison to the Divine Proximity achieved through making even istinja in fulfilment of the right and limits of the Shariah.

10. It is surprising that whilst non-Muslims are active in propagating and intensifying their knowledge, we are cutting down on ours. This is a serious discrepancy.