Surah Baqarah – Part 1

“This Book (the Qur’aan) is unimpeachable.”
(Surah Baqarah, 2)

In this Aayat the Qur’aan is praised over being a book par excellence and nothing in it being disturbing. Someone may point out to the kuffaar doubting many things in it. One response, which is well known, is that the Qur’aan is not doubtful per se. In so far as the doubts of the sceptics are concerned, that has nothing to do with the content of the Qur’aan. It is the product of their lack of comprehension. If, at day time, a blind man doubts the sun having risen, sunrise does not become doubtful over the blind man’s doubt.

A second response is alluded to in the Aayat: “It is the guide for those who fear Allah”. The gist of this response is that any doubt pertaining to the Qur’aan is restricted to those who do not practise the teachings of the Qur’aan. Practising the teachings of the Qur’aan, in entirety, releases one from all doubts, for the Qur’aan is the guide for the Muttaqeen [the Allah-fearing]. The sceptics should, therefore, commence practising on the teachings of the Qur’aan. Sunrise is proof of the sun. Practising will reveal that the Qur’aan is in fact the epitome of Hidaayat [Divine Guidance] and that it is unimpeachable.