(Surah Baqarah, 45

“And boost yourselves with Sabr and Salaat.”

(Surah Baqarah, 45)

In other words, after Imaan make incumbent upon yourselves Sabr and Salaat. By virtue of Sabr [patience and perseverance] love for money will diminish. The reason for this is that money is dear and craved for, as it is the means to acquire pleasure and carnal gratification. When you embolden yourself to forsake that [pleasure and carnal gratification], then money, too, will not remain dear to you.

With Salaat again love for fame will be reduced. The reason for this is that Salaat is the epitome of humbleness and thraldom. When these virtues become grounded then love for fame will be eradicated.

These were the core problems. Correcting and curing them one will find no difficulty in one’s Imaan now.

(Bayaanul Qur’aan)