Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 26-30

26. What is Haal? Haal is the burning desire to acquire something which overwhelms a person, leaving him completely restless at getting it.

27. Talab-e-Ilm is when there is Haal for Ilm.

28. Shame on you, O Seekers of the Deen; those who after the dunya do not relax as long as they have not achieved their goal, whilst you become lazy and you tire easily!

29. A’maal-e-Zaahirah (external virtuous deeds) will not be completed and perfected without Akhlaaq-e-Baatinah (moral excellences).

30. Namaaz is among the A’maal-e-Zaahirah. It will not be perfect without Ihsaan (the meditation of looking at Allah or Allah Ta’ala looking at one) which is among the Akhlaaq-e-Baatinah.