Q&A: The Names Moizza and Eiliyyah

Q. I am expecting a baby girl, Insha-Allah. I like the names, Moizza and Eiliyyah. Are these names correct?

A. It is not correct to keep a girl’s name Moizza. This word means: giving honour or respect. Eilliyyah is a dubious name. Furthermore, Mu’izz is Allah Ta’ala and hence a boy’s name is kept as Abdul Mu’izz.

Close alternative names are Izza/Izzah which means: precious, dear, honour. This was the name of several Sahaabiyyaat.

Aaliya/Aaliyah, which means: exalted.

Ulayya/Ulayyah: one with exquisite distinction. Also a name of a Sahaabiyyah and common among the Arabs