Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 36-40

36. This Zaakir has surpassed the Farishta (Angels) because the latter do not have temptations whilst the former has, but in spite of the temptations he is so internally absorbed in Zikr that he does not move in the direction of the temptation. This is perfection.

37. A Saalik who is perfectly obedient is in the protection of Allah.

38. In search of Allah Ta’ala the Saalik is oblivious of everything else.

39. Zikr is not just moving the tongue. Remembering Him, thinking about Him, meditating about Him, the thought about Him without any detail, all these are also Zikr.

40. By vigilant and constant observance of Taqwa and adhering to increased Zikr, through the taufeeq of Allah Ta’ala, the thought and remembrance of Allah Ta’ala becomes easy.