The System of Wholesale Haraam Slaughtering

The System of Wholesale Haraam Slaughtering

Q. I visited LAW abbatoir in … certified by … and approved by … They have 4 slaughterers — 3 by the slaughtering section and 1 by the loading zone. Only 1 slaughterer slaughters. Sheep are stunned prior to slaughtering.

They also have post-stunning which kills the animal approximately 1 minute after being slaughtered! I spoke to two non-muslim workers who said that the sheep will eventually die due to the pre-slaughter stunning.

When I was there, the two slaughterers were busy cleaning the slaughtering section. The third slaughterer was gone to the farm where a non-muslim man hunts the buck and the Muslim slaughterer then slaughters it.

No slaughterers attended the Eid Salaah nor did they attend the Jumuah Salaah today.

However, one or two of the slaughterers do get off for Jumuah; not all four slaughterers. They have turns coming for Jumuah. One week 2 comes and the other week another 2 comes.

They have a butcher at the front of the abbatoir. I saw 3 non-muslim females working there. They had beef and mutton products.They said that all their products are halaal and that they do not sell pork!!! Some of their products have the … ‘halaal’ sign on them.

However, I informed the entire community to abstain from LAW meat. LAW is the main meat-supplier of Checkers. Please comment.

A. Pre-slaughter stunning as well as post-slaughter stunning is prohibited in the Shariah. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) instructed the Ummah not to inflict any excess pain on the animal to be slaughtered. Many have testified to the pre-slaughter stunning actually killing the animal prior to the actual slaughter.

Not long ago Ahmed Ghanem, an Egyptian slaughterer in New Zealand spoke out against the gross Shar’i violations at the abattoirs in New Zealand. He stated that animals before having been slaughtered would come to him dead due to the stunning. Speaking of the barbaric, horrid and haraam practice of stunning, he states: “When animals are stunned, the electricity fries their brains and slows their hearts, if not stopping it completely. Therefore the majority of the animals’ blood will congeal and remain inside the carcasses. As a slaughterman I swear that I have seen many animals come to me along the chain that have died from the stunning before they have reached my knife. Most of the animals smell of burning flesh and wool/hair, and are bleeding from their mouths and noses.

That the stunning leads to the death of the animal, the three Math-habs – Shaafi’, Hambali and Maaliki – declare the animal haraam and reject the technicality of blood gushing at the time of slitting the throat. Leading Hanafi Fuqaha have also adopted this view. And in view of it being established that animals do die through the act of stunning prior to the neck-slitting the Jamhoor Hanafi Fuqaha are in agreement with the Fuqaha of the other Mathaahib in ruling that the animals are haraam despite the prevalence of the neck-slitting technicality.

The whole system of slaughter at the kuffaar abattoirs from A to Z is in violent conflict with the Sacred Institution of Thabah. It is haraam for Muslims who are supposed to be the Best of Nations and most-humane of creation to support the brutal and haraam methods of the kuffaar in their slaughtering practices.

Purchasing meat from an outlet manned by kuffaar is not permissible. The meat is haraam.