Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 51-55

51. An Aabid is a person who is passionate about Ibaadat. He has acquired the pleasure of Ibaadat. When his programme of Ibaadat is disrupted he becomes sad.

52. An Aarif is a person whose gaze is on the wish of Allah. He thrives on reverting to Allah. And the meaning of reverting to Allah is to see what the wish of one’s Master is all the time and every time.

53. Tazkiyah (purification of the nafs) is by virtue of Zikr and Namaaz.

54. One who reads Namaaz and makes Zikr but does not become purified is disposed to the dunya.

55. People come and sit (in the Shaikh’s Majlis, and similarly read the Shaikh’s sayings) but they should look at their intentions. According to one’s intention blessings and benefit are bestowed by Allah Ta’ala. Otherwise, one will remain the same (that is, one will not progress in spirituality). And it is possible that one will become even worse in view of previously having had Ikhlaas, but now cultivating nifaaq.