Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 66-70

66. Since you have come to sit in the Majlis (and listen to the words of the Shaikh) then true sitting is when you have complete confidence and faith (in what the Shaikh says).

67. It is not necessary to fix one’s guide, that is, to formally place one’s allegiance in a Shaikh. It suffices to ask from someone in whom one has confidence.

68. If the Khalifah of a marhoom (deceased) Shaikh is faced with a problem then he should find the solution in the light of the directives of his Shaikh.

69. If one does not find a solution to a problem from the legacy of one’s Shaikh and there arises the need to make mashwarah and gain further consolation then solve the problem by consulting a Khalifah whom one has appointed and with whom one is free and open, or by consulting a Peer Bhai (fellow Khalifah).

70. If none of the above solutions are available then consult with an advanced Saalik who has affinity with Tasawwuf.