Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 86-90

86. It is necessary for the heart of every Mu-min to have forbearance, which means to be dignified.

87. For the betterment of one’s spiritual side it is necessary to gulp a bitter statement. And what is there to coat the bitterness with sweetness? The Pleasure of Allah, which is desired for coming close to Allah. Hence the bitter statement will be taken as if it is sweet.

88. Since he (the Saalik) has concern (for his spiritual condition) the fruits will bear on him. Gradually his condition will become such that even if someone swears him he experiences no remorse.

89. What has happened nowadays that people take so long to make their Islaah (perfect their moral condition)!?

90. A respectful person is a fortunate person; a disrespectful one is a misfortunate one.