Q&A: Hiring Out Trucks for Transportation of Television Sets

Q. My friend and I operate a haulage/transport/shipping company. A certain company wishes to hire our trucks for transporting TVs. We told them, “No”. However, we have been informed that, if the TVs are only for non-Muslims then it will be permissible to hire the trucks to the said company. Is this correct?

A. Your refusal to cart TVs for the kaafir company is correct. There is no guarantee that the TV set will not be delivered to or purchased by Muslims. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are ruining their Aakhirah by watching television whose sets they have purchased mostly from kaafir companies.

Furthermore, the spiritual stench and filth of television are not limited to Muslims. The harms of television befall all who have succumbed to the temptations of the nafs and Shaitaan to watch the evil and rijs that television programmes disgorge. It does not behove Muslims who have been declared as the best of nations and guides for humanity to be a party to the moral ruin of fellow humans.