Q&A: Sajdah Tilaawat of Shaafi’ Muqtadis behind Hanafi Imaam

Q. I am a Shaafi’. In the Taraaweeh Salaah the Hanafi Imam does not make Sajdah in the last ruku’ of Surah Hajj in the 17th Parah. What should Shaafis do in this case as the last ruku’ contains an Aayat of Sajdah in the Shaafi’ Math-hab?

Also, what should we do in the 23rd Parah, in Surah Swaad? Here there is no Sajdah for the Shaafis. The Hanafis make Sajdah in this Surah, however.

A. If the Imam does not make a Sajdah for an Aayat of Sajdah then the Shaafi’ muqtadis should likewise not make Sajdah. The Hanafi Imam does not make Sajdah at the end of the 17th Parah. Therefore you, too, should not make Sajdah.

In the 23rd Parah there is no Sajdah Aayat for Shaafis. Therefore, when the Hanafi Imam makes Sajdah here, the Shaafi’ muqtadis should not make Sajdah. They should wait for the Imam to return to the standing position (Qiyaam).