Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 131-135

131. In former times there wasn’t this delay (in Islaah). Now even glaring wrongs are not corrected.
132. Someone wishes to reach a certain place but does not know the way. He will continuously ask till he reaches his destination. Similarly, if the Taalib-e-Haq wants to reach his destination he will continue to ask the way.
133. If the intention (of the mureed) was pure concern for the Aakhirat and honest Islaah then there would be no question of delay.
134. If the delay (in the Islaah of the mureed) carries on then it appears that something is fishy; his sincerity and honesty are contaminated.
135. The gaze is not on the Aakhirat and hence there are shortcomings in A’maal.