Once, whilst walking on a pavement, a piouis person saw the word “ON” engraved in the cement. A pedestrian would read “ON” walking in the one direction and would read “NO”, walking in the opposite direction. This made him think of the never-ending efforts of Shaytaan and nafs in enticing and persuading us to engage in sins. When it comes to sins, Shaytaan and nafs are very quick in glorifying disobedience, saying to us, “It’s ‘ON’!”
This is a common catch-phrase; often used to confirm some get-together or meeting, whether at the rave club, cinema, casino, or an illicit tryst. ‘Yes tonight ITS ON!’, meaning, ‘It’s the thing to do…It will bring enjoyment and gratification. You will be ‘with it.’

However, when a true Muslim is faced with such an invitation to sin or is tempted to disobey Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), then he boldly and assertively responds:

“NO, it’s not On!”