I do not issue a fatwa (ruling) but I definitely advise that the affairs of the house should be in the hands of the wife or in one’s own hands. Do not hand the responsibility to others even if it is your own brother, sister or parents, otherwise the wife will become heart-broken. Either the husband controls the expenditure or hands it over to her, for she is the most rightful among the family. Her rights are not only to clothe and feed her but also to keep her happy. The Fuqahaa (jurists) have recorded that it is even permissible to speak lies to the wife to make her happy. From this we can gauge the importance of keeping her happy that even Allah has foregone His right! (Allah has foregone His command of speaking the truth in her favor).

-Malfooz Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi Rahmatullah Alayh