Explanation:  Allah Ta’ala says: “Those who strive in our (Path), we will most certainly guide him to our paths”.

Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam once pointed to his sacred heart and said: “Taqwa lies here…”

Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh said:

“How much courage one displays in observing Taqwa, so much Divine assistance will be experience.”

From the above, we understand that Divine Guidance and Nusrat (Help) is dependent upon the courage displayed.  Courage is to overcome the Nafs when it throws a tantrum and to suppress its demands by force.

Example: A person’s gaze unintentionally falls upon a beautiful woman. If he desires to fear Allah, Allah will send a “message” to his heart:

“Fear me, O my servant. I am watching you!”

The person now has a choice: He either heeds this “silent alarm” or neglects it.

His Nafs strongly pulls and drags him towards looking at the beautiful woman. The Nafs loves Haraam cravings, which are like a drug for the Nafs. Shaytaan plays an advisory role and whispers to the person to look at that beautiful woman whose face is framed with a scarf: “Come on, man, just look once more. She is smart. Her complexion is dazzling, her hair cascades to her shoulders like silky strands. Look, man, look!”

If this person is desirous to reach Allah and to obtain His Pleasure, the person will pluck up courage and tear away his gaze from the woman. It may be difficult, but if he is sincere and passionate, he will pluck up the courage. Do we not see sincere people scaling high, high mountains and exploring the deepest oceans and leaping from space – unmindful of sacrificing their lives? They worship the idols called Name and Fame. They make Ruk’u and Sujood to them. 

A Muslim thinks hard. He thinks quickly. He thinks on his feet.

“What will I answer unto Allah? Did Allah not warn me that ‘He knoweth the betrayal of the eyes…’

My wife may not  be here to witness my disloyalty but Allah is Here, watching me, testing me. How will I handle the red hot iron rods which will be shoved into my eyes for the sin I am about to commit?  How ashamed will I not be on that Day when the eyes will speak of my treachery?

The Imaan of the person screams out: ‘Don’t look! Fear Allah! Allah will punish you. He will place revulsion in the heart of your wife for you! You will suddenly find her to be cold and unloving despite you showering her with gifts. Fear Allah lest your Rizq decrease because of your sin. Fear Him or you will suffer otherwise. You cannot escape Allah. He is everywhere. You are being watched and your gaze is being recorded second by second!”

Again, it all depends on sincerity. A person whose soul is dead won’t see or hear anything accept that which Shaytan and his Nafs show him. Such a person is not being addressed. Such a person cannot be reformed. A precondition for Islaah (self-reformation) is Ikhlaas (sincerity).

A sincere person will heed his Imaani conscience. He will FEAR Allah, Insha-Allah. His Taqwa will be so strong that he would prefer blindness to a sight of sin, Insha-Allah.

The person will take an arrow from the armoury of His Imaani weapons and shoot it at his Nafs and Shaytaan. And Allah, who’s Pleasure he craves, will make his aim true.

The Nafs will stumble and fall, Shaytaan will tremble and flee. For that moment, with the Fadh’l and Grace of Allah, the person will conquer his greatest enemies.  He is victorious in the most major of Jihaads. His enemies will fear him because he chose to fear Allah.

The angels in the skies applaud him. Gifts from the heavens are showered upon him. His soul will be given a sip of the deliciousness and sweetness of Imaan. He has feared Allah without seeing Allah or Jahannam!  He brought Imaan on Ghaib (The unseen). He is amongst the “ Muflihoon”. (Successful ones)

And if had he deliberately looked at that billboard with a beautiful woman on it, or at that receptionist or at that secretary or at that customer etc, the joy would have been temporary but the consequences would have been devastating.

May Allah Ta’ala safeguard us all from our Nafs. Ameen