Sayings of Hazrat Moulan Maseehullah (146-150

136. If the gaze was even minutely on the Aakhirat there would not have been even a minute scope for takabbur (arrogance) in the heart.

137. Those who had their gazes on the Aakhirat, they took an oath that they were worse than dogs and swine.

138. By virtue of the gaze being on the Aakhirat one does not look (with pride) at the good one did, rather the reward of Allah is yearned for.

139. Tool-e-Amal is to cherish distant hopes. This Tool-e-Amal is haraam. It is a spiritual sickness.

140. The gaze of the Akaabir was on A’maal and hence their actions were consistent at home and on journey; their devotional practices (ma’moolaat) were the same inside their homes and outside.