Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah (146-150)

146. “They remained with istiqaamat” means: they were rigid, unflinching, till death there was no question of them abandoning.

147. The Farishtas come to those who are resolute and console them; they pacify them: “There is no need to grieve; there is no need to be dejected”.

148. Upon acquisition of this istiqaamat one remains resolute on ma’moolaat (devotional practices) in one’s hometown, on journey, in one’s house, when visiting, in happiness, in sadness, in prosperity, in poverty, in good health and in sickness.

149. To be resolute on one’s ma’moolaat is istiqaamat. Then help from Allah Ta’ala is forthcoming via the Malaaikah.

150. Why the delay in islaah (spiritual reformation) in these times? The answer concluded is that after making someone one’s Peer (Spiritual Mentor), which is done after careful reflection, a person takes a second Peer. The one Peer is who he formally took to be his Peer, and the other is himself; he is his own ‘shaikh’.