Unsuitable items for instinja

Unsuitable items for instinja

1. Bones, edibles, excreta and all impure substances.

2. That stone or clay which has already been used for istinja.

3. Baked bricks, small pieces of broken earthenware, glass, coal, limestone, steel, silver, gold, etc.

4. Those things that do not clean impurities, such as vinegar.

5. Those things that are eaten by animals, such as straw and grass.

6. Those things that are of value, irrespective of whether they are of little or great value, such as clothing or the extract of some plants.

7. Parts of a human, such as hair, bone, meat.

8. The mat, dirt, or broom of a musjid.

9. The leaves of trees.

10.  Paper, irrespective of whether something is written on it or not (this excludes toilet paper).

11.  Zam zam water.

12.  Someone else’s possessions without their permission, irrespective of whether it be water, clothing, or anything else.

13.  Cotton and all similar things from which humans and their animals derive benefit.