Sunnats related to the Mu’azzin

Sunnats related to the mu’azzin

The mu’azzin must be pious and religiously-minded and he must be aware of the condition of the people – reminding those who do not attend the congregation. He must do this if he has no fear of anyone causing harm to him.

The mu’azzin must have a loud voice.

The mu’azzin has to be a male. The adhaan and iqaamah of a female is makruh-e-tahrimi. If a woman calls outadhaan, it will have to be repeated, but not the iqaamah. This is so because repetition of the iqaamah is not stipulated as opposed to the repetition of adhaan.

The mu’azzin has to be of sound mind. The adhaan and iqaamah of a lunatic, intoxicated person or immature child ismakruh. Their adhaan will have to be repeated and not their iqaamah.

The mu’azzin must know the necessary rules applicable to him and he must also know the times of the different salaats.

If an ignorant person calls out the adhaan, he will not get the same reward as that of a mu’azzin.