Making Muslims Understand (Part Five)


(Part Five)

j. An all-out effort should be made to put a stop to lies, backbiting, jealousy, malice, enmity, bigotry, carrying tales, fornication, haraam gazes, female exposure and emergence, drinking liquor, gay behaviour, interest-bearing transactions, idleness and loafing.

k. Much emphasis should be given to speaking honestly, dealing with each other with humility and affection, remaining firm on justice and fairness, continuing permissible ways of earning livelihood, frugality and not over spending. Financial difficulties should be borne. (In other words, haraam stratagems should not be devised and haraam income should not be procured to alleviate one’s lack of finance.) As far as possible do not over spend.

l. Those who are frugal in weddings and in daily expenses should not be reviled. In fact, this should be promoted. Those who employ frugality should be encouraged. Don’t take any permissible profession to be shameful. Give preference to even cutting grass for a livelihood over idleness and the disgrace of begging.

m. Exert yourself in good deeds and emphasise the same again and again to others.

7. The kitaabs Hayaatul Muslimeen, Tableegh-e-Deen, Ta’leemud Deen, Mahaasinul Islam and Behshti Zewar should be in one’s course of study. From time to time the lessons should be conveyed to one’s friends, connections and all servants of Allah.

(To be completed, Insha-Allah)