More on Eating and Drinking

More on Eating and Drinking

Do not eat food that is too hot.

Always take the needs of your guests into consideration. If you go somewhere as a guest, do not remain there for so long that you become a burden on your hosts.

There are a lot of blessings in eating together.

Once you have completed eating, remove the dishes, utensils, food, etc. first and then get up. It is a sign of disrespect to get up before the table has been cleared. If you have completed eating before your companion, you should give him company. Continue eating little by little so that he does not get up hungry out of shyness. If there is any reason for you to get up before him, excuse yourself.

It is sunnah to bid your guest farewell till the door.

Do not drink water in one gulp. Instead, take it in three sips. When breathing in or out, do not do so in the tumbler. Instead, move your mouth away from the tumbler. Say Bismillaah when drinking and Alhamdulillaah upon completing.

Do not drink water from a utensil (or bottle) from which there is a fear that too much of water will flow out. Nor should you drink from a utensil (or bottle) which you do not know what is inside. (e.g. a bottle that is very dark in colour). There is a fear of there being insects, worms, thorns, etc. in such bottles.

Do not stand and drink water unnecessarily.