The harms of over-eating and its cure

The harms of over-eating and its cure

Many sins are committed on account of over-filling the stomach. There are several factors which have to be taken into consideration:

Do not become too accustomed to eating sumptuous meals.

Safeguard yourself from haram sustenance.

Do not fill your stomach beyond its limit. Instead, set aside a bit of hunger which equals a few morsels. There are many benefits in this:

One of them is that the person’s heart remains pure whereby he recognizes the bounties of Allah. This results in his developing a love for Allah.

Tenderness and softness remains in his heart whereby he perceives pleasure in his du‘as and dhikr.

His soul is not allowed to consider itself to be great.

When the soul is harmed even slightly, the person immediately remembers the punishment of Allah. In this way, the soul safeguards him from sinning.

He is not inclined towards sinning.

He remains light-headed, he is able to sleep less, and does not feel lazy in offering tahajjud and other forms of ‘ibadah.

He has mercy for those who are weak and starving. In fact, he develops kind-heartedness towards everyone.