More on Innovations and Evil Customs

More on Innovations and Evil Customs

To abstain from the following acts in the month of Muharram:

eating betel leaves,
applying henna (mehendi),
the company of the husband,
wearing red clothes,
eating out of the dish named after Hazrat Fatimah (R.A.).

To observe the third and fortieth days as compulsory after death ceremonies.

To regard the second marriage of a woman as a blemish despite there being a need for it.

To perform the different ceremonies of Nikah (marriage), Khatna (circumcision), Bismillah (beginning of education), etc., inspite of lack of means, especially by putting oneself in debt and making arrangements for music and dances.

To greet in any way other than the greeting of As salaamu alai kum, or to just bow by raising the hand to the head.

To appear before one’s brother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousins, or any other strangers, etc. without any modesty or bashfulness.

To listen to music or play musical instruments, or to make dancing girls dance and to reward them for it.

To be boastful or proud of one’s lineage or family, or to consider any connection with any saint to be sufficient for salvation.

To taunt someone on account of his lower lineage, or to regard any permissible occupation to be despicable or below your dignity.