5.11 Abstention from Squandering of Time

In his student days he would stay at the boarding of the Madrasah notwithstanding that in Deoband some of his distant family were also residing there. Often they would urge Hazrat to have meals at their home. They would say that it is his home; there is no need for formalities. Leave alone meals, he would not even associate with them considering it to be squandering time.

Finally after much persistence from their side he wrote to his honourable father as he did not wish to do anything without the prior consent of his father. The thought also occurred to him that his relatives may complain about him to his father, therefore he wrote. In response his father wrote the following caution:
“Did you go there for family ties or for Ilm?”

This much was sufficient for him and as long as he studied in Deoband he never went to any family member. Thus he would say:
“Al-Hamdulillah! Just as I went there unscathed I returned after five years unscathed. When I completed my studies then without any restraint I went to meet all my relatives and I even accepted their invitations to meals. Prior to this I did not associate with anyone, neither with relatives nor with students and nor with the townsfolk. If anyone wished to strike up a relationship with me I would ignore the person for which people regarded me to be haughty, whereas, this was not the case. Actually I loathed squandering my time in futility.”

5.12 Avoiding Trivialities

Generally in educational institutions special and light-hearted gatherings and get-togethers are organized where students freely engage in fun and games. He would, however, avoid participation of such occasions to his utmost.

On one occasion students of the Madrasah were invited during the mango season. [People owning mango farms generally invite others to enjoy the mangoes of the season.] His Ustaads, Moulana Muhammad Ya’qoob and Moulana Muhammad Qaasim were also invited. When a few mangoes remained Moulana Muhammad Ya’qoob departed knowing that now they are ready for a ‘peel and pit fling’. He too perceived this and departed from the gathering with his Ustaad. Moulana Muhammad Qaasim Saheb remained out of politeness. When he too left then it was free for all and the students started causing chaos. So much so that Moulana Muhammad Ya’qoob Saheb was forced to return and stop them. Upon seeing Moulana they ran away in shame.

From this it can be adequately gauged how much he would avoid trivialities during that period.

5.13 Habit of Solitude

In addition, he was in the habit of remaining in solitude which is imperative during student years. Otherwise, through disturbances one’s studies cannot be carried out at ease and with peace.

Whenever he would see boys coming to his room he would immediately close the door so that his studies were not interrupted and his time was not wasted. Students are generally offended by this. Hence, on the same day of the mango-eating invitation when he departed early, the boys considered it to be against the festive mood and after the invitation they headed straight for his room to throw him with peels and juice in revenge. Without saying a word to them he merely shut the door in their faces.

In short, just as he was homely in childhood, in his student days he would prefer privacy which is a salvation for humans from evil company.