6.8 Confidence of the Pupil

Moulana’ spiritual rays of light fell onto Hazrat Thanwi’s pure heart to such a degree that he developed utmost confidence and love for Moulana. So much so that when Hazrat Moulana Rasheed Ahmad Saheb Gangohi commenced Hadeeth lessons in Gangoh, many students went there. They tried to talk him into going as well, saying:
“Moulana is absent too often. Therefore, you also come [to Gangoh].”

He replied:
“I do understand that Hadeeth classes will be better there, but I view it to be unfaithful to leave my Ustaad. Until Moulana does not tell me that his Ilmi Capital is depleted and he cannot teach me further, I will remain with him. Although he is absent often, but when he teaches then he thoroughly satisfies one.”

6.9 Loving-Care of the Ustaad

The effect of this faithful attachment was that his Ustaad would have special care and devotion for him in contrast to other students. He would, in his presence, expound more on experiences and divine mysteries, and on academic points and subtleties. On the other hand, Hazrat Thanwi, through his extraordinary retentive power, would derive more spiritual grace and blessings than others and he would continue to learn wonderful and amazing knowledge. He would describe the dars [lesson] of Moulana thus:
“What was his session of dars? It was a session of tawajjuh. The state of it was that a lesson of Tafseer was being imparted; he would be explaining the meanings of the Aayaat and from his eyes tears would be streaming down.”

6.10 Honour of Ifta and Imaamat

His love and potential, produced in the heart of his Ustaad confidence. As a result, Moulana started taking Ifta work from him in his student days. Sometimes he would also put him forward to make Imaamat in his place.

Once he told him to perform Zuhr Namaaz. He put forward the excuse: “Hazrat! I haven’t read my Sunnats yet.” Moulana gave an amazing reply. He said:
“We are going to follow you in the Fardh. Where are we going to follow you in the Sunnats?”