The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (38)

vii. Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Mustafa Saheb Bijnori
He was an expert in Arabic Literature and the rational sciences. In shorthand he would note down the lectures of Hazrat in Arabic and then publish it in full Urdu. In this manner he recorded innumerable lectures of Hazrat. The Urdu translation of the Arabic of Munaajaat-e-Maqbool, the fine annotation of Hazrat’s well-known writing Al-Intibaahaatul Mufeedah anil Ishtibaahaatil Jadeedah, simplification of Hazrat’s treatise Shauq-e-Watn, the 9th part of Behshti Zewar, the proven formulae listed in Behshti Gohar, Ma’loomaat-e-Ashrafiyyah, Majaalisul Hikmat, Amthaal-e-Ibrat and other works are all the product of his pen.

He was so conscious of taqwa that on the occasion of Haj when he told the driver to stop the vehicle for Namaaz and the driver refused, he was ready to jump out of the vehicle. However, simultaneously, the vehicle developed a fault and came to a halt. In this was he read his Namaaz on time with Jamaat.

Not only was he an Aalim, Hafiz, Muttaqi, Mukhayyir, [philanthropist], Musannif [author] and the Khaleefa-e-Mujaaz of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, he was also an outstanding hakeem. He would recognize the character and temperament of a person through the person’s handwriting, and by merely looking at the urine sample he could say whether the person was a faasiq or a Muttaqi.

viii. Moulana Sayyid Ishaaq Ali Saheb Kanpuri
He was of a very sound nature and humble, a Saahib-e-Nisbat Buzrug and Khaleefah-e-Mujaaz of Hazrat Thanwi. He was among the very able and skilful Asaatizah. For many years he remained Head of Arabic at Darul Uloom Ilahabad.

ix. Moulana Mazharul Haq Saheb Ramwi (Chaatgam)
He was a master of literature, skilful in Arabic and Persian prose and poetry and ranked among the top Ulama of Bengal.

x. Moulana Zafar Ahmad Saheb Uthmaani
He is the nephew [sister’s son] of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi and an Aalim of great intellect and insight. He is ranked among the elite Ulama. Initially he was head of the Department of Deeniyaat at Madrasah Aaliya Dhaka. Presently [1955 AD] he is the Shaikhul Hadeeth of Darul Uloom Tandu Allah Yaar in the district of Hyderabad in Sindh.

Hazrat entrusted the difficult task of completing I’laaus Sunan to him placing complete assurance on him. Hazrat was overjoyed with this work. This comes in twenty one volumes and it is a showpiece of his expertise and depth of knowledge in Fiqh and Hadeeth.