iii. Hazrat Haji Sayyid Muhammad Aabid Saheb Deobandi
He was among the special Mujaazeen [authorized disciples] of Hazrat Haji Imdaadullah Saheb (Quddisa Sirruhu). He was particularly renowned for his amaliyyaat. He even served as principle of Darul Uloom Deoband for some time.

He was so punctual in time and devotional practices that once Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ya’qoob Saheb commented:
“A person who knows can at all times say that Haji Sayyid Muhammad Aabid Saheb is engaged in such and such work right now. If someone goes and sees at that time then he will find him engaged in exactly that work. It can never be to the contrary.”

During student days Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi would mostly read his Namaaz in Chatta Wali Masjid where Haji Saheb would mainly reside. Due to Haji Saheb’s good faith and good thoughts he would on most occasions make him the Imaam.

Understanding the degree of special attention he showed for Hazrat Thanwi is possible simply through this episode: In Ramadhaan Shareef Haji Saheb would distribute iftaari to everyone. During Haji Sayyid Aaabid Saheb’s stay in Makkah Mu’azzamah Hazrat Moulana Thanwi also happened to be there. Whenever he would be in the Haram at the time of iftaar Haji Aabid Saheb would send a share for him.

Hazrat Moulana Thanwi would also show great respect to him. In this regard, during the time friction developed between Haji Aabid Saheb and the administrators of the Madrasah, coincidentally Hazrat Thanwi came there. Since he had a special relationship with the Asaatizah and the principle, all of them, their respect and regard held him back from meeting Haji Saheb, and this left him very uneasy. He mustered up the courage and spoke to Hazrat Moulana Mahmoodul Hasan Saheb (Rahmatullahi alaih) about the effects of this friction. He said:
“If I do not go to meet him it will be totally inconsiderate and unfaithful. And if I do go, then it is possible that it is against the best interests of the Madrasah.”

Moulana replied:
“No, not at all! Certainly go. It isn’t against the best interests of the Madrasah. If fact, it is in the interest of the Madrasah, in that the friction will subside.”

In other words Moulana praised him over his wisdom and foresightedness. In fact, he admitted to him being a real peacemaker.