The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (54)

This is a technical term in Tasawwuf. Literally it means the six stages of descent. It denotes the six stages of the manifestation of Allah Ta’ala.

As everything is recognized and understood by its attributes and actions, similarly, Allah Ta’ala is recognized and understood through His attributes and actions. And, His actions and attributes manifest themselves either:
(i) concisely (in brief)
(ii) elaborately (in detail)
(iii) in the world of souls
(iv) in the intermediary world between the world of souls and bodies
(v) in the corporeal world
(vi) in Insaan [man]

The Divine Manifestation, i.e. Allah Ta’ala’s appearance in these six spheres is thus known as Tanazzulaat-e-Sittah.]
nifestation of Allah Ta’ala.