The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (55)

Tauheed and Wahdatul Wujood

One part of the treatise is At-Tajallilil Azeem fee Ahsani Taqweem in which the comprehensiveness of man is researched. When he read the contents of this treatise to his Shaikh, Hazrat Haji Saheb (Quddisa Sirruhul Azeez), he [Hazrat Haji Saheb] exuberantly and ecstatically exclaimed:
“You have given an absolute exposition of what is in my heart.”

That was a fact, for the concept which Hazrat Haji Saheb cast into the blessed heart of Hazrat Thanwi was Tauheed and the contents were written during a period of overwhelming Tauheed.

In the treatise Tambeehaat-e-Wasiyyat, in the appendage named Thaaniyatut Taabi’ah – Part 10, Number 1 – published in An-Noor of the month Shawwaal Al-Mukarram – Page 20 – Hazrat therefore prohibited laymen from studying it. [Its contents were beyond their comprehension.] He cautioned the Ulama too; not to transcend it further than intuitive experience.

In Makkah Mukarramah there was one scholar, Molvi Muhammad Hasan, a Tawaaf guide. He cast scepticism over the issue of Wahdatul Wujood by saying that it was absolutely contrary to Imaan [Islamic Faith]. Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi became emotional and he spoke non-stop for two hours on the mas-alah, whereupon Molvi Muhammad Hasan Saheb proclaimed:
“Truly, this mas-alah has been substantiated in such a way that leaves no doubt that without it [the belief of Wahdatul Wujood] Imaan can never be confirmed.”

Some illustrious Ulama have confined perfection of Imaan to it and Molvi Muhammad Hasan Saheb went further to declare Imaan dependent on it. From this it is clear what amazing Divine Love was embedded in Hazrat’s heart.

[Since ignorant non-entities and unqualified orientalists have proffered weird interpretations of the concept of Wahdatul Wujood, we present herewith a concise explanation of the term:

Literally it means ‘one existence’. In the field of Tasawwuf and Sulook it means: the near non-existence of everything besides Allah Ta’ala, the One and only Incumbent Being.

Every created object depends on Allah Ta’ala for its existence. Its existence is furthermore highly insignificant in comparison to the Supreme Being’s existence. All creation, therefore, are comparable to being non-existing. They merely represent the existence of the True Being. This concept is known as Wahdatul Wujood. A detailed explanation can be found in Shariat and Tasawwuf, Part Two, by Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb (Rahmatullahi alaih).]