The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (61)

When Haji Saheb, who remembered him all the time in his du’aas, commenced his departure from this world, he turned to the Portals of Ashraf with du’aa and wrote to him:

“In the service of the Exalted Grace, the Wonderful Saalik, the Selected Waasil, Hazrat, Aalim, Hafiz, Haaj, Qaari, Shah Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanwi

May Allah Ta’ala perpetuate your Divine-Recognition and Love

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

Your letter has been received. I experienced immense joy and exuberance at heart. May Allah Ta’ala grant your honourable self, elevation in the external and the spiritual, and may He grant benefit to khalqullah [the creation of Allah Ta’ala] through your outward and inward powers, Aameen. Insha Allah, I make du’aa all the time. Multitudes of people will benefit from you, and the Silsilah [the Chain of Tasawwuf] will continue.

This is my last. I seek du’aa of a noble ending.”

(Extracted from Maktoob 38)

Aah! How severe the final moment is! He [i.e. Hazrat Haji Saheb] who was a constant source of abundant spiritual effulgence for the world, moving from the transitory world to the eternal world, finds himself in need of du’aa.

Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s entire life itself is fair testimony to the acceptance of the du’aas and wishes of the Buzrugs. Which du’aa and what wish did Allah Paak not fulfil through His special grace!