11.3 First Wa’z

He was still engaged in pursuit of Ilm and in the 18th year of his life when arrangements were made for his marriage. For this he had to go to Thanabawan. It was the Day of Jum’ah, and his honourable father said to his maternal uncle, Munshi Waajid Ali Saheb:
“I am quite busy; therefore I am going to read my Namaaz in Hauz Wali Masjid. You go with Ashraf to the Jaami Masjid and after Namaaz introduce his wa’z.”

When his uncle informed him about this then out of shyness he refused to speak before a crowd. But, immediately after Namaaz his uncle announced his lecture. Now it was a matter of:

نہ جائے ماندن نہ پائے رفتن
No place to stay, no feet to go.

Finally, in obedience he was constrained to speak. However, he would say:

“I was so shy that I did not even sit on the Mimbar. Rather, I sat down and kept my gaze down. I spoke on the opening verses of Surah Baqarah.”

Thus the auspicious function of Nikaah turned out to be the medium for his connection with the general public.