The Fasts of Ramadhaan


  1. If the intention of fasting for the fast of Ramadhaan is made at night, the fast will be valid. The intention was not made at night and even in the morning one decided not to fast on that day. The day progressed considerably and only thereafter the person realized that it is not good to leave out a fard duty and therefore made the intention of fasting – even then his fast will be valid. But if he has already consumed some food in the morning, he cannot make the intention of fasting.
  1. If a person has not consumed any food or drink, then for the fasts of Ramadhaan he can make the intention of fasting until one hour before mid-day.
  2. For the fasts of Ramadhaan, the following intention is sufficient: “I am fasting today”. Alternatively, at night one could say: “Tomorrow I will fast”. By making this intention, the fasts of Ramadhaan will be valid. When making the intention, a person did not specify as to whether it is a fast of Ramadhaan or a fard fast. Even then the fast will be valid.
  1. In the month of Ramadhaan, a person made the following intention: “Tomorrow I will keep a nafl fast and I will not keep the fast of Ramadhaan. I will make qada of this Ramadhaan fast at some other time.” Even then, the Ramadhaan fast will be considered and not the nafl fast.
  2. A person had missed a few fasts of the previous Ramadhaan. The whole year passed without his making qada of these missed fasts as yet. When the next Ramadhaan commenced, he made the intention of making qada of those missed fasts. Even then, the fasts of this Ramadhaan will be considered and the qada fasts will not be valid. He will have to keep those qada fasts after Ramadhaan.