Recently we are inundated with queries related to the above outbreak which claimed more than 180 lives.

Our Response:
Almighty Allah commanded humanity:

“Oh Mankind eat from what is in the earth lawful and pure(nutritious, wholesome, organic etc).

The source of the outbreak was traced to Rainbow Chickens an MJC-Sanha certified entity. This affects Muslims in general.
Not only are the above entity a murder, death-camp for chickens as they are mechanically killed instead of Islamically slaughtered it also imports white slime( mixture of chicken carcasses and meat pressure forced through a machine to form a slime that is added in processed products). Hence Sanha has withdrawn its certification of processed meats from Rainbow over 7 years ago due to non compliance of imported Brazilian meat. The MJC however continue to certify despite the harm, filth and health risks it poses for consumers.
Processed foods (polony, viennas, nuggets etc ) is a leading cause of major sicknesses and diseases. It is laiden with artificial colouring and other harmful elements to make it addictive and tasty.
We are feeding our bodies filth and contributing to our own destruction whilst the Halaal bodies are coining it.

We Advise the following:
1. Refrain from all Rainbow Chicken and by products and their processed line.
2. Refrain from all local polonies, viennas etc.
3. Include healthy alternatives.

Listeriosis is a deadly disease which can be avoided through abstinence.

Darul Iftaa Western Cape