Hadhrat Ibn Is’haaq narrates the story of Hadhrat Khubayb bin Adi Radiallahu Anhu from Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Najeeh who was informed by Maariya, the freed slave of Hujayr bin Ihaab. After accepting Islaam, she narrated, “He (Hadhrat Khubayb )  was held prisoner in my home. I once saw him eating from a bunch of grapes the size of a human head at a time when there was not a grape to be eaten in all of Allaah’s land.”  

Ibn Is’haaq narrates further from Aasim bin Umar bin Qataadah and Abdullaah bin Najeeh that she said, “When the time for his execution drew near, he asked me to send him a razor so that he may clean himself before his death. I gave the razor to the little boy from the family and told him to give it to the man in the house. By Allaah! I had just sent the boy with the razor to him when I exclaimed, ‘What have I done! By Allaah! That man will have his revenge by killing the boy and have a life in exchange for his own!’ However, when the boy handed the razor over to Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu, he took it and said, ‘By your life! Did your mother not fear any treachery from me when she sent you with this razor?’ He then sent the boy off.” Ibn Hishaam says that it is commonly believed that the boy was the son of Maariya.  

Ibn Is’haaq narrates further from Aasim that the Mushrikeen took Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu out of the Haram to Tan’eem where they intended to crucify him. He then requested, “If you permit, could I please perform two Rakaahs salaah.” “Go ahead,” they agreed, “Perform your salaah.” Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu then performed two complete and perfect Rakaahs of salaah. Thereafter, he turned to the people and said, “By Allaah! But for the fact that you would say I lengthened the salaah for fear of death, I would have performed a longer salaah.” It was Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu who was the first to initiate the practice of Muslims to perform two Rakaahs salaah at the time of being executed.  

The Mushrikeen then lifted him up and when they tied him on the wooden structure, he prayed, “0 Allaah! We have conveyed the message of Your Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. Do inform him tomorrow of what has happened to us.” He then added, “0 Allaah! Count each one of them (these Mushrikeen), kill each one of them and leave not one of them alive.” He was then martyred.     

Hadhrat Mu’aawiya bin Abu Sufyaan Radiallahu Anhu used to say, “I was also present on that day with (my father) Abu Sufyaan and others. I saw my father throw me down on the ground out of fear for the curse of Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu He did this because people used to say that if a person lies on his back when he is cursed, the curse would miss him.”  

The Maghaazi of Moosa bin Uqba narrates that Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu and Hadhrat Zaid bin Dathana Radiallahu Anhu were both martyred on the same day and it was on that day that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam was heard saying, “Salaams to you (two) as well. The Quraysh have martyred Khubayb.” It is also narrated that when the Mushrikeen crucified Hadhrat Zaid bin Dathana Radiallahu Anhu, they first speared him to make him forsake his Deen. However, this only increased his Imaan and faith in Islaam. Mosa bin Uqba also narrates that when Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu was lifted on to the wooden structure the Mushrikeen asked him to swear by Allaah whether he preferred to have Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam in his place (in exchange for his own freedom). Hadhrat Khubayb Radiallahu Anhu replied, “Never! I swear by the Exalted Allaah that I would not even accept a thorn pricking the foot of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam as ransom for my life.” The Mushrikeen laughed at this. Ibn Is’haaq has reported this with reference to Hadhrat Zaid bin Dathana Radiallahu Anhu. Allaah knows best.