WORDS OF WORTH – No 101-110

200 Statements of Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Sahib (Rahmatullahi Alaih)

101) Avoid the softness of women and the company of young lads.
102) Verbal abuse is a sign of deprivation.
103) Every difficulty that is beyond one’s control (such as illness, death, etc.) is a means of connection to Allah.
104) Volitional deeds (within one’s control) are very easy.
105) Refrain from pride and despair, adopt humility and hope.
106) Shagal should only be done with the permission of the Shaikh.
107) Regard the reading of the Shaikh’s mawaa’iz (lectures) and malfoozat (written statements) as his majlis (in his absence).
108) Do not mix too much with acquaintances, for much time is wasted in their company.
109) Do not invent stories for this causes a great deal of hurt.
110) The first step is sincerity, the last is Ihsaan (always thinking that Allah is watching me) this is the siraat-e-mustaqeem.
Compiled by: Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib Rahimahullahu