Grand Ramadhan Offers!

Grand Ramadhan Offers!

All over the world we have grand sales of different products and services with incredible offers and packages. Sometimes these offers are genuine while at other times they are just publicity stunts to attract customers. Also, some of these offers are limited to the periods the stocks last.

Whatever the case may be, special offers make most people very excited. If a person finds the reduction on one single item somewhat significant then he is ready to queue up for hours, or even camp overnight outside the store, to grab the offer.

However, whatever you gain or achieve in these offers and package deals are momentary or are limited to this world only.

Now let us turn our attention to a very ‘Grand Sale’ that Allah with His Great Mercy and Compassion has granted to us. The period of these Superb Offers is of course the sacred month of Ramadhan!

Whatever the savings are in the worldly offers, whether a few hundred dollars or even a few million dollars, they are not worth even ‘the dust’ compared to the gains of the special offers that Allah Ta’ala has kept in the month of Ramadhan.

Yes, this Blessed month comes with offers that are from the infinite Treasures of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. They are not only Genuine but are also Everlasting, in this world as well as in the Aakhirat (Hereafter)!

Take the example of the incredible benefit of performing either a non-obligatory deed or an obligatory one. During the Holy month of Ramadhan, while anyone who performs a Nafl (non-obligatory virtuous deed) merely for the pleasure of Allah then Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, with His infinite Mercy, would grant him a reward equal to a Farḍh (obligatory act) in any other time of the year, and anyone who performs a Farḍh act during this month shall receive the reward of seventy Faraiḍh performed in any other time of the year.

Laylatul Qadr 

Then there is that special night of the nights, the Laylatul Qadr that makes its once-in-a-year appearance in any night during the last ten nights of Ramadhan (there is a strong scholarly opinion that it is on one of the odd nights, i.e. the nights of 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th). Laylatul Qadr is the Crowning Glory of the holy month of Ramadhan. Besides being associated with the revelation of the Qur’an Majeed to Allah’s Beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi Wasallam, this night has been described as The Night of Power, the Night of Spiritual Bliss. This night is better than a thousand months. Thousand months are equivalent to 83 years and 4 months. Fortunate are the ones who spend this night in ibaadah.

‘Package Deal’ of Mercy and Forgiveness 

This Sacred month also has a very special ‘Package Deal’ comprising Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah Ta’ala plus freedom from the Hell-fire.

The Blessed month of Ramadhan has been divided into three parts. Each part consists of ten (‘ashara) days. The first ten days bring the Mercy of Almighty Allah; the second ten days bring the Forgiveness of Allah ‘Azza wa Jal; while the last ten days bring emancipation from the Hell fire. 

Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that Ramadhan is a blessed month which overflows with Grace and Mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. It also provides the opportunity for all the believers to be saved from the Fire of Hell.

Taraweeh Salah

Then we have the Taraweeh Salah. We can say that Taraweeh Salah are the Remarkable Speciality of these ‘Grand Offers’. During these Salah we get the opportunity to listen to and reflect on the recitation of Allah’s Kalaam, the Qur’an Majeed.

Sadaqah and Zakat

The offers of this month are well-loved and enjoyed by all Muslims, whether rich or poor. The rich get the opportunity to pay Sadaqah and Zakat and obtain extra benefits during this month, while the poor get the once-in-a-year opportunity to enjoy these financial aids.

Extra Benefits

Then there are some extra benefits granted by our Creator during the month of Ramadhan. These benefits are:

  1. The gates of Jannah are opened!
  2. The gates of Jahannam are closed!
  3. All the rebellious Shayateen (devils) are chained!

Once-in-a-Year Opportunity

In short, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has packed so many virtues in these 30 (or 29) days that it is impossible to even count them. Undoubtedly this month is a very special month and its significance can never be overemphasised. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity to win His Divine favours, to take our piety to a Higher Level and thereby upgrade our Reward Collections. Every day, every hour, or rather, every minute of this month should be spent only to win His pleasure!

Of course, the month of Ramadhan will inshaAllah come back next year and the year after next, but what guarantee is there that we will be around to witness it?

My Brothers and Sisters! Do not be left behind in taking the maximum advantages of these Grand Offers coming from our Malik-ul-Mulk (The Sovereign Owner of the World).

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

By Haqqseeker