He Threw it and it was in your Taqdeer (destiny)

He threw it and it was in your Taqdeer (destiny)

I was once out in Tableegh jamaat. I told someone in the area who
was not performing his Salaah, “Brother! Perform Salaah and
frequent the musjid.” He replied, “If Allah has destined me to do so
then I will definitely perform my Salaah.”
I told him, “You have said a very wise thing. Tell me, imagine that
you are about to be married and you have dressed up very well. At
that precise moment, someone throws two or three buckets of excreta
on you. You will now not be angry or displeased by this because
whatever was destined for you had happened. It was in your destiny
to be messed in excreta.”
On hearing this, he felt ashamed and promised to perform his Salaah
in future. I do not know whether he began performing his Salaah or