Effort for an Islamic Khilaafat (rule)

Effort for an Islamic Khilaafat (rule)

Q: Some people say that it is necessary to have an Islamic khilaafat,
but the tableeghi jamaat does not make an effort towards it. Instead,
it is against it.

A: Which Muslim could ever be against an Islamic rule but at the
same time, who would administrate the affairs of the Islamic
government? Those who have no Islamic training cannot manage the

Therefore, through the effort of da`wat and tableegh such individuals
are being prepared. Look! When plans were being made for the
freedom of India a large group of Muslims desired that Pakistan be
formed and this would result in an Islamic government. Those who
were against it did not do so because they did not want an Islamic
government, rather they were concerned as to who would control the
Islamic government.

In proportion to the amount of Islam an individual has in himself will
he be able to control an Islamic government. Without the proper
training one will not acquire true Islam. Therefore, an effort needs to
be made for one to be well trained, and this is taking place through
the tableeghi jamaat. May Allah Ta`ala grant them success.
Hadhrat Hasan Radiallahu Anhu had written the following letter to his younger
brother Hadhrat Husain Radiallahu Anhu in conformity with his rank:

This (leadership) has left our hands due to our incapability. Now, the
striving for Deen would be done through exhorting and inviting, and
no more through the power of the state. Remember, that these
personalities were our seniors and they would always take a stock of
their souls. No matter what great ranks they had reached yet they
always considered themselves incapable and unworthy.

Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat