The Six Lateefah (Spiritual Faculties) in Man

The Six Lateefah (spiritual faculties) in man are the Nafs, Qalb, Rooh, Sirr, Khafi and Akhfaa. Their effects are as follows:

1. NAFS: (Nafs here refers to Nafs-e-Mutmainnah): Its nourishment is abstention from sin.

2. QALB: Its nourishment is Thikr.

3. ROOH: Its nourishment is Hudhoori (constantly alert and in the presence of Allah).

4. SIRR: The nourishment of Sirr is the unveiling of realities

5. KHAFI: The nourishment of Khafi is Shuhood (to behold the truth and to contemplate it), and Fanaa (to be annihilated or totally absorbed in Tauheed).

6. AKHFAA: The nourishment of Akhfaa is Fanaa-ul-Fanaa (i.e. to Be unaware of even one’s stage of annihilation). Regarding this faculty there exists difference of opinion among the authorities.

The manifestation of the affects of these six faculties assume the following form in Salaat.

There are seven degrees in Salaat, viz., Salaat-e-Tun, Salaat-e-Nafs, Salaat-e-Qalb, Salaat-e-Rooh, Salaat-e-Sirr, Salaat-e-Khafi and Salaat-e-Akhfaa .

The effect of Salaat-e-Tan is prohibition of sin; that of Salaat-e-Nafs is prevention of relationships other than the relationship of Allah; of Salaat-e-Valb is negatior of negligence; of Salaat-e-Rooh is prevention of the gaze from looking at others; of Salaat-e-Sirr prevention of the mind from wandering and turning to others besides Allah; of Salaat-e-Khafi is man’s achieving the degree of spiritual development where reality becomes manifest to him; and, the effect of Salaat-e-Akhfaa is true communion with Allah Ta’ala. The experience of this stage is Mi’raaj .