The Haq is Not a Numbers Game

The Cause for the Ummah’s Downfall

A major cause for the downfall of this Ummah is the fear which has overwhelmed it. We are scared stiff – scared to act, scared to question, scared to speak, and  tragically, even sometimes scared to think! A type of mental paralysis appears to have afflicted our minds.  We seem to prefer the comfort of silence at the expense of Truth, even though this may lead to our Imaani ruin and Akhlaaqi destruction.

The numbers game: Instead of facing inconvenient Truths, we seek shelter and comfort in numbers. This is a fatal mistake which deviates one from the path of Truth. Thus, Allah Ta’ala has warned us. Says Allah: “And if you follow the majority upon earth, they will mislead you from the Path of Allah” (C6 V 116)

The Haq is not a numbers game. Rasullullah Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam had informed us that amongst the Ambiya there were those who had only one or two followers. Others had no followers at all. Furthermore, if the Haqq was based upon numerical superiority, then verily Christianity would be a religion of Haqq. After all, they do outnumber the Muslims.

The Motivation: What motivates people to stand up and speak up against falsehood? What causes people to spend decades in jail with dignity rather than to “enjoy freedom” which entails succumbing and engaging with falsehood? In the ultimate quest of Truth, what causes people to smile at gallows and gamble with their lives in battlefields? A true man can live in the shadow of death, but he cannot live with the self-contempt borne out of cowardice.

The Haq: The Haq is marvellous, awesome, dignified and exhilarating. It is heady and exciting. To its opponents it is bitter, astringent and poisonous. To its supporters it is wonderfully invigorating, the nectar of the Soul, the essence of life. The Haq is simple, yet demanding. Brighter than the sun; yet it is obscured from those who choose the dark path of the Devil. Independent as the wild winds, it blows and touches each and every one of us without surrendering itself to anyone’s whims and fancies or changing its course to suit the agendas of others.

Allah is Al-Haq: The origins of Haq is Allah Rabbul-Izzah. In a lengthy Du’aa which Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam used to recite at the time of Tahajjud, he re-affirmed his attachment to the Haq: ‘…And all praises belong exclusively to you (O Allah). You are Haq. Your promise is Haq. The meeting with you is Haq; Your Word is Haq, Jannah is Haq; Jahannam is Haq, The Ambiya are Haq; Muhammed is Haq; and Qiyaamah is Haq…”(Bukhari, Muslim- Mishkaat, v.1, page107-8).

A Salient Message: Amongst Allah’s Auspicious names is “Al-Haqq” which is followed immediately by “Al-Wakeel” and “Al-Qawi”. It is almost as if Allah is telling us: “Do not be afraid. See, I am Al-Haqq. I am your Wakeel and I am Qawi (Strong). Those who fight on My behalf are never weak”!

Subhanallah! How soothing for those who spend their lives fighting to hold aloft the standard of Haq. After all, the Haq is a unique Amaanah, fiercely independent, free of frills, trimmings and superfluities. It is not based on membership, constituencies, race and age. It is not the domain of any specific section of the Ummah. It nourishes Imaan and fuels A’amaale-Saaleha. Only upon basing the existence of one’s life on Haqq will one reach AL-HAQQ (Allah). Says Allah: “But after Haqq, there only exists Dhalaal.” (deviation).

“Ghayrat” (jealousy) for Haq: In a World which admires, propagates and defends falsehood and hypocrisy, there are yet many people who love the Truth, worship the Truth, and who have sufficient shame in their Souls to stand up for the Haq, especially when accused of deliberate falsehood. They will be prepared to spend their last cent for the cause of Truth. In every vein of their body lies the “Ghayrat” for Truth. They are never intimidated or bribed by the false glitter of power and wealth. They will gladly lay down their lives for the Truth. This is The Truth which the Ambiya (Alayhimus-Salaam) and the Sahaabah (Radiallahu anhum) stood for. No price was too great and no life to precious to spare in pursuit of it.

It is the flag of this Truth, which Muslims, despite their personal frailties, are now called upon to hold aloft at this critical time, lest they be answerable to Allah.