Shouq-e-Watan – The Meeting and Conversing of the Rooh’s after Death (Part 7)

Chapter No: 7

  1. Sayyidina Abii Ayyub Al-Ansaari Radiyallahu ‘Anhu reports, Sayyidina Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam said: “When the ruh (soul) of a Mu-min is taken out, then the marhum (deceased) bondsman of Allah Ta’aala come forward to meet him in the same manner that a bringer of glad tidings is met in the dunya. Then (some among them) say, give him a chance to rest, because he was in great distress (in the world). Thereafter they begin to ask him, how is a certain person and did a certain woman marry? If they happen to ask of a person who had died before him already, and he says that person died before me, they recite ‘Inna lillaahi wa-innaa ilayhi raaji‘un’ and say he must have been taken to his abode that is Jahannam. It is a bad place to go to and a bad place to live in. He said, your deeds are presented before your family and relatives who are in the hereafter. If deeds are pious they become happy and joyful and say O Allah, this is Your Grace, Favour and Mercy, complete Your Benefaction on him, grant him death on it (favours, mercy etc.). The deeds of sinners are also presented before them, whereupon they say, O Allah, put piety in his heart, which becomes a cause of Your pleasure and nearness.” – Ibn Abid Dunyaa, Tabrani, Sharhus Sudur.
  2. Sayyidina Sa’iid bin Jubayr Radiyallahu ‘Anhu said: “When someone dies, his children (in the ‘aa-lamul arwaah -abode of souls-) welcome him, like the one who returns after an absence.” – Ibn Abid Dunyaa.
  3. It is narrated from Thaabit Al-Bunaanii that this narration has reached us: “When someone dies (and at the time of reaching the ‘aa-lamul arwaah) his family and relatives who had died before, surround him from all sides. They are happy and he is happy, much more than that traveller who returns home to his family.” – Ibn Abid Dunyaa.