10 Qurbani Masaa’il

  1. Qurbani is wajib on the person upon whom sadaqatul fitr is wajib. If the person does not have wealth which equals the nisab of sadaqatul fitr, qurbani will not be wajib on him. But if he makes qurbani despite it not being wajib on him, he will be greatly rewarded.
  1. Qurbani is not wajib on a musafir.
  2. The time of qurbani commences from the day of eid ul-ad’ha, i.e. the 10th of Zil Hijjah until the sunset of the 12th of Zil Hijjah. Qurbani could be made on any of these three days. However, the best day for qurbani is the day of eid ul-ad’ha, followed by the 11th and then the 12th of Zil Hijjah.
  3. It is not permissible to make qurbani prior to the eid Qurbani should be made when the people complete offering their eid salat. However, it is permissible for those who live in the villages and on farms to make their qurbani from the commencement of fajr time. But the inhabitants of cities and towns should make their qurbani after the eid salat.
  4. If a city dweller sends his sacrificial animal to the village or farm, it will be permissible for this qurbani to be made before the eid salat even if this person is still in the city. Once the sacrificial animal is sent to the village, it becomes permissible to sacrifice it before the eid Once it has been slaughtered, the person can bring it back and consume its meat.
  5. It is permissible to make qurbani on the 12th of Zil Hijjah provided this is done before sunset. It is not permissible to make the qurbani once the sun has set.
  6. Qurbani could be made at any time between the 10th and 12th of Zil Hijjah. One has the choice of making it at night or during the day. However, it is not good to make the qurbani at night as there is the danger of not cutting one of the veins and thereby making the qurbani invalid.
  7. A person was a musafir on the 10th, 11th, and 12th but returned before sunset on the 12th. Alternatively, he made the intention of stopping over at a place for more than 15 days. In both cases, qurbani will be wajib on him. Similarly, qurbani was not wajib on a person due to his not having the nisab which makes qurbani wajib. However, he received some money before sunset on the 12th. Qurbani will therefore become wajib on him.
  8. It is best to make one’s qurbani with one’s own hands. However, if a person cannot slaughter an animal, he should appoint someone to do so and also present himself at the time when the animal is being slaughtered. But if a woman cannot be present there due to purdah, then there is no harm in her not being present when her animal is being
  9. At the time of slaughtering the animal, it is not necessary to make a verbal intention or dua. If the person has the intention in his heart that he is making qurbani and thereafter makes qurbani after having said Bismillahi Allahu Akbar, the qurbani will be valid. But if the person remembers the dua that has been mentioned above, it will be best to recite it.