“The Athaab of the Qabr is Haqq!” (Hadith – Nasai)


This is a letter written by Mufti Faisal (Darul Uloom Buffalo principal) to his family. Its not a public post or anything just something I was given permission to share and something extremely worth reading.

Assalmalykom my beloved family. You are all in my prayers and i humbly request to be in your prayers as well. Something has happened today that has disturbed me to the point that i cant  stop thinking about anything else. My concern for my own well being as well as that of my family’s well being has prompted me to share this concern so that we may all take heed and seek every form of protection possible in this regard. For those of you that may not know, darul uloom manages a qabrustaan. And today we had buried its 28th resident.


The deceased who was unheard of from the members in our community, had passed away saturday morning. Usually alhumdulillah we are fortunate enough to be granted the burial rights within that same day if not the next. (In islam we are encouraged to bury the deceased with haste because the delay itself is another form of “torture” for the man awaiting his trial.) For some reason…no matter how hard i had tried…i could not make arrangements for this persons burial on the first day. I had prior commitments but canceled all of that so that there would be no delay on my part. Yet one after the other…there was something stopping this man from getting to his destination. For 2 days the nursing home in which he passed claimed that they were unaware of his death. Then when the doctor finally signed off the body, there was a problem in city hall with the issuing of his death certificate, and when that was done…the family of the deceased delayed the burial until later this evening. (After asr). My children who are very fascinated by all types of machinery, assisted in the digging of the grave with the brother on Sunday.

They had witnessed nothing.

I myself went to the gravesite that morning.

There was nothing in sight.

I have witnessed many burials and have yet to have seen even one spider, earthworm or centipede in any of the graves that have been dug.

I was not feeling well, it being the first day back at Darul uloom. I had decided to pray the 730pm jamaat in madina instead of the 7pm jamaat that was taking the janaaza. I had told my colleague that I would meet them at the gravesite inshallah.

By the time i had arrived at the graveyard at 8pm the body had been set in its place and soil was just being placed over it. I could see the horror on my colleagues faces when they had told me what had happened. As the men set the body down into the grave, a snake appeared out of nowhere. This was a white snake with two black dots on the eyes. It was coiled up by the ddeceased’s head, waiting patiently for the men to finish. It was  was in clear sight of everyone present. I dont know what scared me more, the fact that a snake came into the grave upon the arrival of the dead body. (It was nowhere in sight, even when the men who were bringing the body down were there it did not come. But as soon as the body came the snake joined.) Or the fact that they said we had left the snake there. (We have learned from our predecessors never to disturb such animals found coming upon the arrival of the body as they may harm us in ways we cannot even fathom) i thanked Allah subhanuhu wataala that my children were not present to witness this event as we had arrived late because of the other jamaat.

I made dua in congregation with the men in the graveyard…and shared the ahaadeeth of saving oneself from the punishment of the grave by reading surah mulk. Please make this apart of your nightly routine. Have your children learn this surah. And be punctual in reading it yourselves. Make dua after every salat for najaat from the punishmentof the grave. This event was surely something that ive only heard of until now. It has opened my eyes and has sent chills down my spine. There is no doubt that Rasulullah sallahu alaihi wasallam was a true prophet, and His message was of truth. The punishment of the grave is something that none of us can run from.

May Allah subhanawataala save us from the punishment of the grave as well as that of jahannam.

Please take note that if this event were to take place under different circumstances (you know who the deceased was) it should then not be shared with anyone. The men burying the deceased had also tried to hide it from the family. But unfortunately it was witnessed by almost everyone there. May Allah subhanawataala have Rahm on this person. And remove this azaab. These things are shown to us as signs to come back to Allah taala and leave behind the sins that we take so much pleasure in committing. May Allah Ta’ala give us all the tawfeeq to prepare for our final destination.


OUR COMMENT: It comes in Hadeeth that backbiting and not being cautious with regards to urine drops are amongst the reasons of being punished in the grave. Whoever follows the sunnat lifestyle of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, for him his grave will be a garden of paradise. As for those who turn away from the pristine sunnat lifestyle of Rasulullah his grave will be a pit of hell.


Abu Sa’eed Radhiallahu anhu narrated:
” The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) entered his Musalla and saw the people who looked as if they were smiling. So he said: ‘Indeed, if you were to increase in remembrance of the severer of pleasures, then you would find yourselves too busy for what I see. So increase in remembrance of death, the severer of pleasures. For indeed there is no day that comes upon the grave except that it speaks, saying: “I am thee house of the estranged, I am the house of the solitude, I am the house of dust, and I am the house of the worm-eaten.” When the believing worshipper is buried, the grave says to him: “Welcome, make yourself comfortable. Indeed, to me, you are the most beloved of those who walked upon me. Since you have been entrusted to me and delivered to me today, you shall see what I have arranged for you.” It will then widen for him so that his sight extends, and the door to Paradise is opened for him. And when the wicked worshipper or the disbeliever is buried , the grave says to him: “You are not welcome, do not get comfortable. Indeed, to me, you are the most hated of those who walked upon me. Since you have been entrusted to me and delivered to me today, you shall see what I have arranged for you.'” He said: ‘It will begin closing in on him(squeezing him) until his ribs are crushing each other.'” He said: ” The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) clasped some of his fingers between others and said: ‘Seventy giant serpents will constrict him, if even one of them were to hiss on the earth, nothing upon it would grow as long as it remained. They will chew on him and bite him until he is brought to the Reckoning.'” He said: ” The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘The grave is but a garden from the gardens of Paradise, or a pit from the pits of the Fire.'”