THE STRONG MU-MIN IS BETTER THAN THE WEAK MU-MIN (2) -Hadhrat Maseehulllah رحمه الله

Al-Mu-minul Qawi Khairum Minal Mu-minidh-Dha’eef

Khair (noble/good/better) is used in contrast to sharr (evil/worse). The Strong Mu-min who has ridded himself of the sharr of bashar (natural human propensity of evil) is better than the weak Mu-min. We learn from this that some Believers are strong whilst others are weak. The status quo has been defined.

So what did Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) say? “A strong Mu-min is better than a weak Mu-min”. The administration and the work from such a Mu-min can never be delivered by a weak Mu-min. A weak Mu-min is powerless to carry out such actions, neither for himself, that is on a personal level, and nor is he qualified to serve the community. He is neither successful in his personal endeavours of supervision and performance and nor are his administrative and active ventures for the people successful, as he is weak.

The need is for resolute, absolute and indefatigable performance and supervision on a personal level and for the community in dealing with opponents and adversaries. The Alif Laam in Al-Mu-min is for totality. In other words, all Believers as one single body are required to maintain their power. Thus, the Mu-min has to be powerful and strong. The enemy should not infiltrate the borders. The Mu-min should be strong in his community, group and association.

Classes of Power

There are different classes of power. We are speaking to a Strong Mu-min. So, apart from the power of Imaan one should have the power of correct and authentic Ilm (knowledge). The need will arise to discuss and debate with an adversary and enemy, to prove the Haqq (Truth) with absolute truths and solid evidence. For this, strong and solid Ilm is required. So there should be the power of knowledge.

The fruition of the power of Ilm is the power of Amal – constant actions and true humility.

Then there should be physical power. If Allah Ta’ala has granted one then drink milk, eat ghee, eat fruit and nuts, eat chicken, mix pure and wholesome ghee and eat. Don’t wither away like autumn leaves.

Do press-ups, squats, walk briskly, run, go out in the early morning. These are ways and means of developing strength and power. If these are not implemented then the question of developing strength is void. Do you understand or not?

Students take their kitaabs and go to class. After lessons they pick up their kitaabs and return to their rooms. The poor souls are grossly neglectful of their physical health and strength. [Hazrat laments at the condition of Deeni students who are physically weak and unhealthy. Considering their sedentary occupation they are required to devote time to nurturing their physical wellbeing. But, alas, they deem mere book-study to be the be-all and end-all of Deeni studies thus relegating even good health and strength to the domain of superfluity, little realising the havoc they wreak to their bodies which are gifts from Allah Ta’ala to be cared for, protected and strengthened.]

Furthermore, to protect one’s youthful vigour and potency one should stay away from all company and places which destroy one’s manhood, otherwise where will one remain physically strong?

With physical power, there should then be power of self-respect. One should abstain from every such action which is disgraceful and demeaning. To abstain from acts which bring shame and disgrace upon oneself is the power of self-respect. One should not be a comic or joker.

After power of self-respect comes power of wealth. Again, our discussion is with a Mu-min-e-Qawi and therefore there should be Taqwa and abstinence when earning money. Haraam wealth should be avoided. Power of wealth should be interwoven with halaal earnings. And how should this power of wealth be? All around have gold and your heart should be on the Giver of the gold. In other words, there shouldn’t be love for the wealth in one’s heart. On the contrary, one’s heart should be absorbed with the love of Allah, lest one recklessly acquires wealth without concern for halaal or haraam. We are speaking of power of wealth.

Now proceed further. When one has acquired combined power in the ways and classes of power mentioned then one has acquired power of the faculties, that is, one’s arms, legs and limbs will become reinforced.

When one has wealth by earning with abstinence and caution and one does not hanker after money then there will be inner strength and vitality in the limbs and organs of the body. One will not dwell in confusion worrying about what will happen here and what will happen next. One will not be in a state of trepidation fearing the worst. Such worry and concern will debilitate one. One will lose one’s sleep and not have an appetite to eat well.

We are speaking to the Mu’min who has or desires power, and therefore, why should one preoccupy oneself with such worrying thoughts?

(To be continued, Insha-Allah)