Malik ibn Dinar (rahmatullahi alayh) says: Allah asked his angels to destroy a certain town. The angels said that there lived in that town a devoted servant of His busy praying to Him. Came the command: Let him too taste the punishment because he never showed his anger against people dis¬obeying Us and committing sins openly, not even with a sign of it on his face.

To Sayyidna Yusha` ibn Nun (علیہ السلام) ، (Joshua) the Israelite prophet, Allah Almighty revealed that one hundred thousand of his people will be destroyed by a punishment. Of them, forty thousand were righteous and sixty thousand, evil. Sayyidna Yusha` (علیہ السلام) said: 0 Lord, the ruin of the evil is obvious but why the good ones? It was said: The good ones had friendly relations with the bad ones. Together, they ate and drank and enjoyed life and never frowned on people sinning and disobeying their Creator.

(Details of all these narrations can be seen in Al-Bahr al-Muhit)